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Festival de Cornouaille. (Archives ARC).

Penhars infos vient de trouver dans sa messagerie deux annonces envoyées par nos amis les Bretons de New York.


Chers amis lecteurs, si vous n’avez rien prévu pour le 1er mai ni pour le vendredi 16 mai, et s’il vous reste un peu d’argent, voici deux propositions intéressantes.


Le jeudi 1er mai, à 19h au « Tout va bien », tournoi de belote-coinchée.


Le vendredi 16 mai, de 18h à 2h du matin, fest noz à Times Square pour commencer le week end de la St-Yves (19 mai). Vous trouverez toutes les précisions dans les messages originaux.

Dear Friend,


Because of all the Saint Yves events organized by BZH New York around May 16th, our next belote-coinchée meeting will be held on Thursday May 1st at the Tout Va Bien starting at 7:00PM.


Please register on our website at


We are looking forward to seeing you there!


BZH New York


Dear friends,

We are happy to invite you to Celebrate St Yves with us the weekend of May 16th.
St Yves is Brittany's national day, like St Patrick is to Ireland.
Below is the program for the St Yves Weekend in New York.

BZH New York invited 5 first-class musicians who are coming from Brittany to play specially for us.
They will be performing songs and music from Brittany with their traditional instruments: bombarde, biniou (Breton bagpipe), Scottish bagpipe and accordeon diatonique.
The band's name is "Ag Ar Choej Quintet" and you can see their biography on our website at

Friday, May 16th

The Grand Fest Noz at Connolly's Times Square

121W 45th street between Broadway and 6th av. – 3rd floor from 6:00pm to 2:00am.
Major event of the weekend!!! A fest noz in Times Square!!!
"Fest Noz" means night party in breton.
You can register online for the event on our website at


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